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Kyran de Keijzer
November 27, 2020
Getting Started

Muso.AI already has 5 million pre-populated profiles to claim. If you have credits on All Music, Discogs, Musicbrainz, Tidal, or another credits site, then we will have your profile.

Don't you hate moving to a new platform and having to all your information in again? Well, on Muso.AI that's not necessary.

Our AI engine has gone through countless data sources and pulled together all credits you can possibly find on the internet. If you have credits out on the internet somewhere, chances are we already have your profile ready for you.

Once you have claimed your profile you will have access to all your credits and your streams will be calculated. Note that our stream counts are currently from Youtube and Souncloud only.

Many professionals have multiple profiles out on the internet, due to misspellings or just people putting in their name wrong. We feel your pain. Which is why you can claim more than 1 account and we will merge them for you.

Claiming you profile(s) is really easy! You can do it one of two ways:

Searching for a profile

Navigate to the home page and tap on the search bar to search for your profile(s)

Once you have found your profile(s), press the claim profile button. You can also press the more options in the top right of a profile to find the claim profile button. If you have already verified your account, you no longer have to go through the verification flow. Note that if you have already claimed a profile this button will not show up on profile pages, but instead has to be done via the more options in the top right.

Profile Claiming from the Menu

Navigate to the menu and tap on profile claiming. Search for your profile, once you have found your profile(s) select them.

To distinguish your own profile, please look at the album art that are associated to your credits. You're able to select more than 1 profile.

By selecting more than 1 profile we will merge them and bring all the credits to your current profile.


To ensure that we grant access to profiles to the right people, we will ask you for a copy of your ID card. Your ID card information is not stored and is only used to ensure that the right profile is given to the right person. We use a trusted 3rd party that's used in the industry to validate IDs.

Follow the steps on screen in scanning your identification document.

Within 24hours our representatives will respond to your request

And there you go! You’re all set. You’ve successfully claimed your profile and are ready to capture even more credits, than the ones you have already.

‍We’re extremely open and love to help our users get the most out of our product , so if you have any questions at all. Please reach out to me:

Have fun!

Kyran de Keijzer - CoFounder  

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Kyran de Keijzer

Co-Founder of Muso.AI and a passionate producer/engineer. Working every day to solve music credits for music professionals around the globe

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