Feature: Fixing Your Music Credits

Kyran de Keijzer
December 9, 2020

Fixing credits is what Muso.AI is all about. We've been there, you have no control over your credits and at the mercy of may or may not end up on the credit sites. Well... No more

We've taken all the credits that you can find and brought them into our system, for you to be able to fix them yourself in a validated way.

To change credits on new releases or existing releases you will need to be an admin.

Admins can be assigned by creators of an album or by other admins. New releases should be a breeze and easy to add new credits too!

What we're curious about is how to fix existing releases! By default, artists are admins on their albums.

When an artist page is claimed, the user that claimed it will become an admin on all the artist's albums.

Once they are an admin, you're able to remove credits and add credits.

These fixed credits can now be resubmitted to your label or distributor so that it can be fixed on the streaming services. Your profile on Muso will immediately show the updated credits and your discography can be shared right after credits are added.

Let's take a more detailed view of how this process works.

1. Create an account on Muso.ai

Download the app from the app store or google play and create your account. Once downloaded create an account and follow the onboarding steps.

2. Claiming Your Profile

In the onboarding flow, there will be a step where we ask you to claim your profile. Don't worry, you can always skip this and do it later.

Select one or multiple from the list to claim and continue. In order for Muso.AI to validate profile claims, we ask you to scan your Driver's license or Passport. This process only takes a minute.

Once you have submitted your claim, a Muso.AI rep will review your submission and process it. If the claim is granted all the credits from the profile(s) you've selected will be merged into the profile you have created.

3. Adding Credits on new releases

When creating a new album, you will automatically become an admin. As an admin, you can change everything on the album, from the cover art, tracks, track information, and most importantly, credits

Simply press the add credits button and search for your collaborator's profile.

Select their role and press done. Your collaborator will receive an invite, to which they will have to respond with accepting or decline.

Once accepted, that's it! Your collaborator is now credited. At any point during album creation, or even if the album is released, you can change the credit and it will be properly reflected on Muso.AI. Note, that at the moment you will have to resubmit to your label if you make any edits past release.

4. Fixing Credits on existing releases

First, we'll need to claim your artist account. This can be done by going to the menu and adding an artist.

You will be asked to search for an artist on Spotify and validate your connection to that artist with one of your social media accounts.

A Muso.AI rep will review your request and process it as soon as possible. When your request is granted, you will become a member of the artist page and an admin on all of the artist's albums.

Now that you're an admin, you're able to add credits, just like new releases. Once your credits are added, fixed, or even removed, share the label copy with your label.

Your changes will appear on the label copy for your label to process and to re-submit.

Once your label has re-submitted your corrections, it will take 24-48 hours for your fixed credits to appear on the streaming services. On Muso.AI however, it will show immediately after you've updated in the app.

Next Steps

We realize that relying on the artist to add your credit or fix it, is not ideal. We're working very hard to bring some amazing features in the near future that should fix this problem!

For now, we have a validated way of fixing legacy credits, although it being with the artist's help.

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Kyran de Keijzer

Co-Founder of Muso.AI and a passionate producer/engineer. Working every day to solve music credits for music professionals around the globe

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