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Kyran de Keijzer
November 26, 2020

Welcome to your verified credit platform. Our mission is to ensure no one is left uncredited ever again.

Hello and welcome to the first ever verified credits platform. For years credits have been mismanaged and incorrectly captured, if captured at all and at Muso.AI we want to fix that.

For the last 2 years we’ve been collecting credit data from many different sources and testing the right way of capturing credits at the wonderful NRG recording studios, owned by our founder and CEO, Jay Baumgardner. Through the many feedback from music professionals we’ve refined our platform and will continue to find ways to make capturing credits extremely easy.

We’re working tirelessly and with extreme passion to improve your experience on our platform. Some features that will be released this year include:

* Detailed Analytics
* Creating Spotify Playlists
* Inviting collaborators through email/sms/QR code
* Muso.AI Pro Black Cards
* Much more improvements

‍We’re extremely open and love to help our users get the most out of our product , so if you have any questions at all. Please reach out to me: kyran@muso.ai

Have fun!

Kyran de Keijzer - CoFounder  

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Kyran de Keijzer

Co-Founder of Muso.AI and a passionate producer/engineer. Working every day to solve music credits for music professionals around the globe

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